The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture

The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is simple and most elegant form of acupuncture that addresses the root of causes of disease. The theory and practice is firmly rooted in the Chinese Classics.

For thousands of years, the Chinese ancients observed that the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water manifested in every natural order of existence and are essential for life. When these five elements manifest within us in a balanced and harmonious state, we experience health in every season of the year and different times of the day hence the joy of being alive. Such insights further highlight how illness manifests when spirit is not fully integrated into our lives and how this causes great unhappiness, alienation and disease as a result.

Professor J. R. Worsley after his extensive travelling to China, Korea and Vietnam and studying with various renowned Masters of the time came to observe that we all born with or/ and develop in early life an imbalance in the natural functioning of these Five Elements. This imbalance becomes the underlying causes of illness. He called this unique discovery, the Causative Factor(CF): the element among the five that is the source of imbalance.

When the CF is diagnosed and treated, the cause of disease resolves and the symptoms of the imbalance disappear. The CF is assessed by way of sensory information provided by the body, mind and spirit of the patient. Each of the elements has a corresponding colour, sound, odour, and emotion, which can be perceived when a particular element is out of balance. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of the CF is the key to Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. This style of acupuncture elegantly restores embodiment of one’s authenticity and brings coherence in body mind and spirit.


The duration and frequency of treatment depends upon a variety of factors which include the severity of the complaint, how long the person has suffered from it, the extent to which life style contributes to it and what drugs are being taken for it. Some people only need a few treatments while others many need prolonged attention. The initial treatments will be deceased, as the person progresses, to once a fortnight, once a month etc.., until there is only a need for a regular check-up at the change of each season.


It will be useful to bring to your first appointment any information about past tests and results and the details of medications if you are taking. On the day of treatment:

1. Do not take a hot bath up to 4 hours before or after treatment
2. Do not drink any alcohol
3. Do not eat a heavy meal before or after treatment
4. Do not do anything strenuous either emotionally or physically, before or after treatment

In order to help treatment, changes may be required in such things as diet or exercise, but these will be suggested individually.


Many people come to us for help with specific symptoms or to relieve pain. Some use acupuncture because they feel generally unwell but have no obvious diagnosis. More and more people choose to have our treatment to help maintain good health, as a preventive measure or simply to improve their general sense of well-being.

Because Classical Five-Element Acupuncture aims to treat the whole person rather than specific symptoms in isolation, it can be effective for a range of conditions. Acupuncture is suitable for all ages including babies and children. It can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine. Please notify your family doctor if you decide to have treatment with us.